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Membership Subscriptions 2017

All Members’ subscriptions fall due on the 1st of January each year and while we do not expect to see everyone queuing round the block on New Year’s Eve, we do ask that members renew their subscriptions by close of business on the 31st March at the latest.

After that date we begin the onerous and not inexpensive process of printing and posting out reminders. In recent years the number of reminders required has risen dramatically to the point where the committee has realised that it has no option other than to seek to alleviate the problem by applying an administration charge of £10 to those subscription renewals not received by the 31 March deadline.

Renewal forms are available from the bar and subscriptions for 2017 are the same as they were for 2016 i.e.

Full Membership £30 (or £120 for 5yrs)

Pensioners         £20 (or £80 for 5yrs)

Juniors              £20

Inter Affiliation Cards are also available at just £2.50 each