Officers and Committee of the Club

The Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on Wednesday 29th March 2023 at 8 p.m. The first Committee meeting after the AGM was held on Wednesday 5th April 2023 and filled the remaining vacancies through a process of co-option. Officers and Committee members for the year 2023/2024 are as shown below.

PresidentThe Club has one President. The President is elected annually at the AGM by the Members.Mr J. Massingham
GovernorsThe Club has eight Governors.  A Governor is simply a committee member who is elected for a term of 4 years. Two Governor positions come up for election each year at the AGM.Until 2024
Mrs G. Backhouse &
Mr S. Baker
Until 2025
Mrs M. Holmes (Vice-Chairman) &
Mr M. Knight                          
Until 2026
Mrs S. Hill &
Until 2027
Mr C. Jones (Chairman) &
Mrs M. Massingham
TreasurerThe Club has one Treasurer. The Treasurer is elected annually at the AGM by the Members.Mrs W. Mowcoomber
SecretaryThe Club has one Secretary. The Secretary is elected annually at the AGM by the Members.Mrs C. Hornsby
Committee MembersThe Club has up to five Committee Members (in addition to the Governors).  A Committee Member is elected for a term of 1 year. All five positions come up for election each year at the AGM.Mrs M. Connolly
Mr P. Coutts
Mr G. Day
Mr M Holmes
Mr R. Pullinger
TrusteesThe Club has up to four Trustees. Trustees are appointed by, and act at the direction of, the committee. The post of Trustee does NOT carry a vote at Committee.Mr M. Bryant
Mr A. Hoar
Mr C. Jones  
Mr D. Pryor
2023/2024 Committee & Officers

In order to manage different aspects of the club, we have a number of subcommittee, as set out below:

FinanceMrs W. MowcoomberMr M. Holmes
EntertainmentMr S. BakerMrs M. Connolly
BarMr C. JonesMr M. Knight
HouseVacantMrs S. Hill
KitchenMrs M. HolmesMrs G. Backhouse
ITMr M. Knight
Mr R. Pullinger
Mr G. Day
InterviewsMrs S. HillMr P. Coutts
BookingsMrs M. Massingham
2023/2024 Subcommittee Leads

If you wish to contact a member of the Committee, please mail, and your message will be forwarded.

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